• 2013    Oakland Museum,  Days of the Dead 2013 ("the Exhibition")
  • 2013    YerbaBuena Center for the Arts, What Will the Future of Soul Look Like in 2038? 
  • 2013    YerbaBuena Center for the Arts,  A Nightof Utopian Gestures
  • 2013    Black Woman is God, African American Art and Cultural Complex, San Francisco, CA
  • 2012    Whatis Buried is not Lost, Betti Ono’s Gallery, Oakland CA
  • 2012     ArtistsWeek, 1307 Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  • 2012    GlobalFlow, Tuft University Gallery, Medford MA
  • 2011    Force of Form, Krowswork Gallery,Oakland, CA
  • 2010    Zombie: The Resurrection of FelaKuti, AAACC, SanFrancisco, CA
  • 2010    The Living Past, CaliforniaInstitute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA 
  • 2010    AnIdea Called Tomorrow, Skirball Museum, Los Angeles CA
  • 2009    InsideMy Head, California African American Museum, Los Angeles CA
  • 2009    Intersectionality of Sisters, Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland CA
  • 2009    TheArt of Living Black, Richmond Art Center, Richmond CA
  • 2008    Alterations: Eclectix, El Cerrito CA
  • 2006    Stitches in Time: Food and Identity, Richmond Health Center, Richmond CA
  • 2005    Day ofthe Day, SomArts Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • 2004    OneWorld Many Faiths, Women Artists Altars, SomArt Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • 2004    TheArt of Living Black, Richmond Art Center, Richmond CA
  • 2004    TheArt of Living Black, Steingart Memorial Art Gallery, Oakland CA
  • 2003    JuriedSatellite and Artship Windows Project: TAOLB, Oakland CA
  • 2003    Juried Satelliteand CBS Market Watch, San Francisco CA
  • 2003    Juried Satelliteand SFAAHCS, San Francisco CA
  • 2003    RichmondConvention Center, Richmond CA
  • 2003    JuriedExhibit, New Vision, Introduction 03. ProArts Gallery, Oakland CA
  • 2003    The Art of Living Black, Richmond Art Center, Richmond CA


2006    MA English Literature, California State University, Hayward 

1997    BA English Literature, University of California, Berkeley


2010    Commissioned to create TechnoKisi II, Skriball Museum

2009-2011    Funding to continue the project Take Flight

2008  Take Flight Plight Project: Art and Literacy Program for Community College Students


2008    TAOLB:  Richmond Arts Gallery, Richmond, CA   

2003    New Visions: ProArts Gallery,             Oakland, CA

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